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How lawyers will help you in your case?

The lawyer is a person who can support you in your legal case and who acts as advocate, attorney, canon lawyer, counselor, solicitor and many more forms. The person who acts as a lawyer should involve themselves in the practical application of the legal theories and to have the knowledge of solving the specific problems of an individual or a group of person who has worked as a team. Most of the people will hire the lawyers to do with the cases legally by their side in the court. The role of lawyers includes different legal jurisdictions. At the time of practice, the legal lawyers should exercise their right in order to determine that they are a recognized lawyer. The term lawyer gets varied based on the place and the situation. The two types of lawyers are barrister and the solicitors where the barrister is the person who specialize his cases in the high court appearances whereas the solicitors are the lawyers who are trained in order to prepare the cases and can appear on the lower courts.

In most of the countries, particularly for the civil law countries, the attorneys will be given many legal tasks to perform. Those countries do not have lawyers but they are being referred as a legal service provider. Mostly the role of a lawyer is to argue the case of the client for whom they are standing for. They should argue before a judge or a jury in the court. Mostly the lawyers will brief the court by writing the issues that they are standing for before they start their oral arguments. They also should do some external research with proves to submit it before the judge for their belief.

Mostly the solicitor will collect these proves and they will briefly explain the …